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Random Type Arrangements – Zine



Simon Merz, 2018

1st Edition. 35 Copies, 24 Pages

The present poem was automatically generated by the »Landsberger Poesieautomat« on the 2nd of January, 03:34pm, at the »Literaturmuseum der Moderne« in Marbach, Germany.
All typographical compositions shown in this publication are designed automatically by a written code. Each page was set with its own compositional rules translated into computer algorithms. Some of theses rules have been set so that the typographical elements are randomly arranged by the software. This allows to create countless variants of each page, and therefore of each book.
Or simply said: All 35 copies are unique.

Pop’Set|Curious, 120g/m2, Arjowiggins, Antalis SA
BioTop3 Extra, 90g/m2, Mondi

GT America, Grilli Type